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"The Wish List" Reviews

 "I really enjoyed this book which is surprising, purely because I normally read crime books, but there is a mystery element to this book that appealed to me & held my interest. I found The wish lists to be a charming & upbeat read with a likeable main protagonist and a really quite unique setting of a hospice/palliative care centre. I really enjoyed the in depth Nursing details given in this book, as I myself am a Nurse & therefore so much of this book resonated with me. It's actually very unusual to find a book that is so nursing focused & showed a positive & uplifting portrayal of the job & it's inner workings. I was also impressed that the Nurses in this book were not seen merely as sexy sirens or the doctor's handmaidens! I found the mystery element of this book to be gentle & well crafted & with the details about the hospital , a lay person could still also enjoy this..." 

- @BettytheBookSloth on Instagram
"This book touched me in so many ways. This was the story of Ellie Arthur. A woman who was able to travel the world right out of high school. Eventually she returned home.and got a job. When her boss died, she needed something else to do. Than the unthinkable happened with her dad and this helped her with her career choice. In Ellie's new career she struggled at first and then she finally got the hang of it. She meet Asher and their love story began. This book shows that when you are their for people doing the most difficult time, you will see how that one little thing impacts their family. I loved the stories in this abook and how Ellie touched each and everyone one of their lives... I cant for more.from this author!!!!"

- MyLuvofBooks on Amazon
"I was asked if I'd take the time to read and review "The Wish List" by this new inspiring author on my Facebook page (Once Upon a Time Book Club). I was informed that this book was a romantic novel regarding a nurse in a medical setting. I am personally not one to read romance novels: however, the medical setting intrigued me having thirty years of medical experience myself. Let me tell you, this is why I shall never turn an author away: if I had let the word romance influence me, I would have missed the opportunity on a fantastic, heart-wrenching, inspiring, beautiful story! The medical terminology wasn't too much where someone with no medical experience couldn't get past. The story had me wanting to reach through and choke a character myself - she was unbelievable!!! Koodles to the author for creating this personality so strongly. There was definitely romance but it was not overbearing at all. It was really quite beautiful to read. This book is very realistic and genuine! There was even a mystery going on. Many areas I thought I had figured out to find, to my surprise, a totally different outcome. Wow! This is an excellent novel and I can't wait to read more of J.M. Spider's future books. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your awesome book. I already have it going out to nurses as gifts!"

- One Upon a Time Book Club on Facebook
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