Saturday, December 7, 2019

The Bromance Book Club

The Bromance Book Club 
by Lyssa Kay Adams

Could reading romance novels save a failing marriage? The Bromance Book Club certainly believes it can! When Gavin's marriage falls apart, his friends swoop in to save him, bringing him into their super secretive book club. The guys, all professional baseball players, have found that reading romance novels helps them understand their wives/girlfriends and become better partners and lovers. Gavin doesn't believe it will help, but realizes he doesn't have much choice if he wants to repair his splintered marriage.

I loved how this book made me think of my own marriage and how I can make it even stronger! I laughed throughout the book and found it so easy to read. The characters are so likable and I loved the brotherhood element. At the end, I was bummed it was over.

In the beginning, I struggled to get into the book because the wife was too stubborn for my liking, but that quickly faded as she lost her resolve.

Anyone who loves romance novels and humor will love this book! I almost feel this is a must read if you're in a relationship! Click the picture above to find "The Bromance Book Club" on Amazon!

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